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Niche Productions is proud to be the first company to bring the Black Armored Drone to the United States. The system is undoubtably the most advanced Remote Aerial Cinematography platform in the world. As a solution for the professional Broadcaster and Filmmaker, the Black Armored Drone (a dodecagon or 12 rotor-copter) is the first to be developed from the ground up as a professional film and TV camera platform.

A payload of up to 9Kg leaves everything else in it's down-draft. Not only can we fly a Red Epic, but mount it with professional rails, full HD downlinks, and full 2 channel remote lens control (focus, zoom or focus, Iris).

Niche has all of the necessary ingredients - Our lead pilot is the 2-Time World Cup Heli Champion and widely considered among the best in the world. He, along with other professional "factory" pilots combine with "true" cinematographers allowing them to capture Hollywood-style shots at about a third of the cost as full size helicopters.

Niche Productions also has the ability to scan targets such as houses, buildings and city blocks and then create natural composite 3D models that can be used in print, movies, games, and for mobile and tablet.

At Niche Productions we work hard to bring our clients innovative products that have the ability to change their entire industry.

Our core clients are Film Studios, Television, Rental Houses, Architects, Builders, Real Estate Professional, Golf Courses, Engineering Firms, Universities, Hotels & Resorts.

Employing our own proprietory DATA link, we can implement sophisticated and dedicated control for different cameras and lens control or peripheral equipment. All other drones tend to use radio model controllers, which are designed to control model planes, helicopters, cars or boats.... A bit different from the demands and requirements of controlling a hot head and camera remotely. We also employ a highly advanced real-time wireless video system for the camera operator/DoP to monitor the camera.



  • Digital Gyro Stabilization
  • up to 20 lbs Payload Capacity
  • Wireless HD Monitoring
  • Long-range Microwave Links for IP Transmission
  • Electric/Battery Powered
  • Highly advanced Waypoint flight planning
Latest computer and GPS Satellite technology for safe, accurate and stable flights. Approved for Outdoor & Indoor operation

Flight Data

  • Max Payload: 20 lbs. / 9 kg
  • Max Flight Time: 20 min


  • Width: 945mm
  • Height: 685mm

Example Cameras

  • RED Epic
  • RED Dragon
  • Canon C500
  • Sony F55

Niche Productions offers a wide variety of aircraft equipped with state of the art aerial camera systems. We'll take any storyboards you can imagine from paper, to the skies.

Whether you are shooting 6K, IMAX, Film, Hi-DEF, Video, Stills, or anything in between. Niche Productions has the ultimate solutions for capturing images at speeds from Zero to Mach .82.

The video on the right was captured at the X-Games in San Diego, California. This shot ended up winning ESPN an Emmy Award. It shows sky-surfers performing against highlights off the Pacific Ocean while falling at terminal velocity. Only the Gyron has the precision, stability and track controllability to capture an image like this. Other aerial systems have repeatedly tried and failed. Amazing SMOOTH TRACKING and increased LOOK UP CAPABILITY puts the Gyron in a class by itself. The second part of the video illustrates exactly how steady the Gyron is, even at the long end of the lens. We discovered two climbers at the top of a remote mountain and zoomed in to capture their ultra-steady image while the background seemingly flashes by at Mach 3.

Niche Productions is ready to help you with all of your aerial photography needs!
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